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“52 Pounds Down Naturally in 5 Months! – No Crazy Diets 
We’ve all been there too busy taking care of everyone else and putting ourselves last. Next thing you know we are overweight, sluggish, and just not healthy.My Journey and My Secret Weapon! People keep asking me how I did it, how did I go from just enough energy to get through the day to endless energy zip lining, traveling, etc so here it is…. 
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“My Journey and My Secret Weapon! This is a bit scary to put out there, however, it’s a story that needs to be told. The day you don’t recognize yourself in a picture is the day reality SMACKS you in the face! Despite everything I tried I could NOT lose weight and my body was full of chronic inflammation! I started my weight loss journey the day after Thanksgiving 2017. Now I fuel my body with 100% nutrition every day without any drastic diets! Supermix, capsule and detox tea EQUALS Bye Bye inflammation, excess weight and HELLO waistline!”

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